The Difference between a Renovation and a Remodel


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Renovation and a Remodel

As the president and CEO of Milogio, LLC, Michael Pucciarelli provides marketing, customer acquisition, and land acquisition services to clients in the food service and beverage industry. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Michael Pucciarelli of Staten Island, New York enjoys a variety of hobbies, including home renovation.

Many individuals use the terms “renovation” and “remodel” interchangeably. While the two terms both refer to making improvement on existing structures, they involve different types of construction.

A remodel changes the form or structure of something. The process of a remodel involves changing the use of a space or re-configuring the layout of an area. For example, a kitchen remodel might include removing a wall between the kitchen and living room to create a more open space. Due to the more extensive work required with a remodel, it is often more complicated and expensive than a renovation. Experienced contractors or architects are needed before a remodel is started to ensure the end goal is safe and attainable.

Meanwhile, renovations refresh a space or restore an area that is otherwise in good condition. This can include anything from installing new light fixtures and adding new finishing to re-painting. Renovating a home does not involve a drastic transformation, it simply involves updating things to a new standard. Many individuals renovate their homes prior to selling them. Adding new fixtures or materials to a space can give it a newer look and increase the overall value of a home.


Parliamo Italiano – The Italian Cultural Foundation Language Program


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Italian Cultural Foundation

With more than 30 years of experience in the beverage industry, Michael Pucciarelli is the president and CEO of Milogio, LLC, a consulting firm based in Edison, New Jersey. Active in his community, Michael Pucciarelli maintains a longstanding charitable commitment to the Italian Cultural Foundation.

The Italian Cultural Foundation is located at Casa Belvedere, a landmark property in Staten Island. Toward its mission of promoting and celebrating Italian heritage, the foundation offers a language program, “Parliamo Italiano,” to learners of all ages.

The instructors at the Italian Cultural Foundation strive to help their students develop a sturdy foundation in both spoken and written Italian. Classes begin for children as young as three, and the courses progress as far as advanced lessons for adults.

In addition to standard courses, which typically last 12 weeks, Italian learners may also elect to participate in weekend immersion programs. These three-day experiences include intensive instruction, as well as complimentary snacks and coffee. For more information on “Parliamo Italiano” or to support the Italian Cultural Foundation, visit

In Cucina Culinary Classes at Casa Belvedere

Michael Pucciarelli

Michael Pucciarelli

The CEO of Milogio, LLC, a consulting firm that works with the coffee and beverage and food service industries, Michael Pucciarello helps his clients with everything from marketing to acquiring land. In addition to these responsibilities, Michael Pucciarello is an active contributor to Casa Belvedere Italian Cultural Center in Staten Island, New York, and has previously served on the organization’s board.

Casa Belvedere’s Italian Cultural Foundation promotes and preserves the culture of Italy by offering various programs focused on various aspects of the country’s heritage. One of the organization’s programs is the In Cucina culinary classes. These classes are educational and recreational and are available during the evenings and daytime. All classes are held at the Casa Belvedere Cucine Colavita kitchen and provide participants with the opportunity to learn new techniques and improve their cooking skills through hands-on participation in the kitchen.

The culinary classes at Casa Belvedere are designed for adults and children of varying skill levels. On average, adult classes cost $85 per person. They require at least six students to sign up for each class and are held on Tuesday evenings. Meanwhile, kids’classes cost around $35 and require at least 10 students to sign up. Most kids’ classes are held on Monday afternoons.

Aspiring sudents are free to sign up for classes individually or buy a group of classes. Casa Belvedere also encourages participants to sign up with family or friends.